Links interesantes para economistas
IDEAS – Bibliographic database containing working papers, articles, books, authors, journals and insitutions
Economics – The open-access, open-assessment E-Journal
WebEc – General economics resources
RFE – Resources for economists on the Internet
JEL classification – Journal of Economic Literature – All prizes in economic sciences
JokEc – Jokes about economists and economics

Lugares con buenos datos estadísticos
Eurostat – Provides detailed statistics on the EU and candidate countries
OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
The World Bank
IMF – International Monetary Fund
ECLAC – Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
IADB – Inter-American Development Bank

Diccionarios en línea
Merriam-Webster Online
Common errors in English
Deardorff´s glossary of international economics

Worldwide university rankings, guides and events
Ranking Web of universities

Información sobre Mendoza y Argentina ( Mendoza map)
Ministerio de Turismo de Mendoza
Ciudad de Mendoza
Ministerio de Turismo de Argentina